Journal articles


Alireza Aghababaei, Christoph Biesek, Frank Vewinger, and Simon Stellmer

Frequency Conversion in High-Pressure Hydrogen

A. Hamer, D. Fricker, M. Hohn, P. Atkinson, M. Lepsa, S. Linden, F. Vewinger, B. Kardynal, and S. Stellmer

Converting single photons from an InAs/GaAs quantum dot into the ultraviolet: preservation of second-order correlations
Optics Letters 47, 1778 (2022)

Q. Lavigne, T. Groh, and S. Stellmer

Magneto-optical trapping of mercury atoms at high phase-space density
Phys. Rev. A 105, 033106 (2022)


M. Büki, D. Röser, and S. Stellmer

A frequency-quintupled laser system for spectroscopy of intercombination lines in zinc
Applied Optics 60, 9915 (2021), arXiv:2103.11295 (2021)


S. Schröder, S. Stellmer, and J. Kusche

Potential and scientific requirements of optical clock networks for validating satellite gravity missions
Geophysical Journal International 226, 764 (2021), arXiv:2012.02618 (2020)

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