The Team

We are a very small team but look alwys for enganged new students who want to join our experimental efforts.

The SupAX experiment is currently designed, built and operated by Tim Schneemann (Uni. Mainz), Dr. Kristof Schmieden (Uni. Mainz) and Prof. Dr. Matthias Schott (Uni. Bonn). We receive enormous help from the Budker Group (HIM) and always look for new bachelor-, master- and PhD students who would like to join this fascinating project. Several research associate positions for this project are available at the University of Bonn. Just write an email to and we discuss a possible involvement.

- Characterization Measurements of Superconducting Cavities

- Data analysis using Deep Neural Networks for SupAX Data

- Development and characterisations of superconducting tunable cavities

- Data Analysis of SupAX Data using Transformer Deep Neural Network Models

- If you are interested doing a PhD with SupAX, let us discuss possible funding opportunities!

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