Publications and Conference Contributions

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We are a rather young experiment hence our publication and presentation output is still in an exponential grow phase.

  • K. Schmieden and M. Schott: A Global Network of Cavities to Search for Gravitational Waves (GravNet): A novel scheme to hunt gravitational waves signatures from the early universe. PoS EPS-HEP2023 (2024) 102 • Contribution to: EPS-HEP2023, 102 • e-Print: 2308.11497
  • Tim Schneemann, Kristof Schmieden, Matthias Schott: SupAX - A Superconducting Axion Search Experiment,  (Feb 23, 2024), PoS EPS-HEP2023 (2024) 140

  • Tim Schneemann, Kristof Schmieden, Matthias Schott: First results of the SupAX Experiment: Probing Dark Photons, (Aug 16, 2023), e-Print: 2308.08337 [hep-ex].

  • Claudio Gatti, Luca Visinelli, Michael Zantedeschi: Cavity Detection of Gravitational Waves: Where Do We Stand? e-Print: 2403.18610

  • A. Rettaroli, D. Alesini, D. Babusci, C. Braggio, G. Carugno et al.: Search for Axion dark matter with the QUAX-LNF tunable haloscope, e-Print: 2402.19063 [physics.ins-det]

  • Giovanni Marconato et al.: NbTi Thin Film SRF Cavities for Dark Matter Search, JACoW SRF2023 (2023) 96-99

  • David Alesini et al: The future search for low-frequency axions and new physics with the FLASH resonant cavity experiment at Frascati National Laboratories, Phys.Dark Univ. 42 (2023) 101370 • e-Print: 2309.00351

  • Asher Berlin, Diego Blas et. al., Electromagnetic cavities as mechanical bars for gravitational waves, Phys.Rev.D 108 (2023) 8, 084058

  • Asher Berlin, Diego Blas et. al., Detecting high-frequency gravitational waves with microwave cavities, Phys.Rev.D 105 (2022) 11, 116011, e-Print: 2112.11465

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