A Global Network to search for High Frequency Gravitational Waves

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The idea of searching for gravitational waves using cavities in strong magnetic fields has recently received significant attention. In particular, cavities with rather small volumes that are currently used to search for axions are discussed in this context. GravNet (Global Network of Cavities to Search for Gravitational Waves) is a novel experimental scheme enabling the search for gravitational waves with MHz frequencies and above, which could be caused for example by primordial black hole mergers. The scheme is based on synchronous measurements of cavity signals from several devices operating in magnetic fields at distant locations. Although signatures of gravitational waves may be present as identifiable signals in a single cavity, it is highly challenging to distinguish them from noise. By analysing the correlation between signals from multiple, geographically separated cavities, it is not only possible to increase substantially the signal over noise ratio, but also to investigate the nature and the source of those gravitational wave signatures.

Physics behind GravNet

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How does one search for high frequency gravitational waves with electromagnetic cavities?

Experimental Concept

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What is the basic concept of GravNet, how does it work and which future technologies are needed?

Publications and Results

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We are a rather new collaboration but already have some publications and conference presentations.


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The GravNet Collaboration is currently present in Germany, Spain and Italy and we hope to expand in the next years.

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