07. February 2024

Joining the PanEDM collaboration Joining the PanEDM collaboration

Why does the Universe contain matter? And where did all that antimatter go? These very fundamental questions are related to massive CP violation, and miniscule charge deformations in elementary particles (called electric dipole moments, EDMs) might be an approach to shed some light on these mysteries.

PanEDM - Inner shielding of the experiment © PanEDM collaboration
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Some of the most stringent limits to potential explanations are set through highly precise measurements of the neutron EDM. The recently established PanEDM collaboration aims to push these limits even further. It is centered about the ultracold neutron source located at the Institut Laue-Langevin in Grenoble and includes scientists from eight universities and research institutions from around the world. The Quantum Metrology group now joined this collaboration and will develop the laser system for the mercury co-magnetometer and aim to refine limits to the mercury EDM. The collaboration includes joint supervision of master and PhD students and grants access to the magnetically shielded environment in Heidelberg. Professor Stellmer and his group are looking forward to an exciting time!

PanEDM collaboration: https://www.panedm.org/.

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