Main Research Topics at the Physikalisches Institut

At the Institute of Physics, research is conducted in the main areas of particle physics, condensed matter and photonics, and accelerator physics.

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Electron Accelerator ELSA

The electron stretcher facility ELSA is operated by the Physics Institute of the University of Bonn and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It comprises an electron accelerator as well as experimental facilities for studying the resonance structure of protons, neutrons and mesons.

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Photonics and Condensed Matter

The Institute of Physics offers a broad spectrum of research in the field of photonics and condensed matter. Various research groups conduct experimental and theoretical research on condensed matter. In addition, research on nanostructured materials is carried out.

ATLAS Detektor

Particle Physics

The Institute of Physics offers a wide range of research activities in the field of particle physics. Researchers collaborate with some of the world's largest experiments to study the structure of matter both theoretically and experimentally. Detectors are also developed for the study and discovery of new particles.

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