Suche nach dunklen Photonen
Suche nach dunklen Photonen

Reasearch Areas

We work in the field of experimental particle physics, with the focus on hardware and software development. In addition, our profile is complemented with projects on sustainable energy generation.

Research at the ATLAS Experiment

As one of the four largest particle detectors at the Large Hadron Collider, ATLAS offers exciting research topics around the Standard Model and beyond!

ATLAS Detektor

IAXO: Search for Axions

The IAXO experiment is planned to be built at DESY in Hamburg. It will use a large magnet to search for axions produced in the Sun. Axions are a promising candidates for dark matter.

Lohengrin: Dark Photon Search

Modern particle physics still tries to understand the building blocks of dark matter. One promising candidate are dark photons. We develop experimental strategies for their search at the institute's own electron accelerator ELSA.

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Development of Gas-Filled Detectors

Gas-filled particle detectors have been used for more than 100 years to probe the smallest building blocks of matter. Our group focuses on the development of GridPix detectors, which consist of a combination of a high-resolution pixel readout chip with a gas amplification stage. We use these detectors in some applications and profit from their special properties in experiments.

Further Research Topics

Airborne Wind Energy

Airborne Wind Energy is a promising approach for sustainable power generation from wind energy at higher altitudes than conventional wind turbines. Our working group is engaged in the field of developing open-source and low-cost airborne systems.

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