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This group works in the field of experimental hadron physics. We focus on meson-photoproduction at the BGOOD experiment. Photons impinge on a target of either liquid deuterium or liquid hydrogen and the resulting excited states are invesitgated. We are especially interested in exotic structures beyond the classical understanding of the quark model.

More information about the experiment can be found here.

Research Topics

Our research focuses on the photoproduction of mesons at the BGOOD experiment at ELSA. Topical issues are search and investigation of unconventional baryon and meson states. Unconventional here means a quark configuration of more than 3 quarks in the case of baryons and more than a quark-antiquark pair in the case of mesons.


Strangeness Photoproduktion

We investigate different reactions involving strange quark photoproduction on nucleons, e.g. γN→KΣ or γN→KΛ, by measuring their cross sections and polarisation observables. When doing this we are interested in possible unconventional states beyond the conventional quark model, like pentaquark states or meson-baryon molecular like states.

Coherent Production on the Deuteron

Coherent production on the deuteron means, the photon does not scatter on the nucleons, but on the deuteron as a whole, which stays intact. This allows measurement of different cross sections on the deuteron but also the investigation of possible di-baryon states beyond the conventional quark model.

Further experiments

Hartmut Schmieden is engaged in these further experiments:


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