Symmetries and Quantum Field Theory
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Research Interests

Welcome to the research group of Florian Loebbert. I am a lecturer at the University of Bonn and the scientific manager of the Bethe Center for Theoretical Physics. Key interests of our group include:

  • Integrability and conformal symmetry
  • Scattering amplitudes of elementary particles
  • Feynman Integrals and their mathematical structure
  • AdS/CFT duality and N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory
  • Gravitational waves and amplitude techniques
  • Integrable spin chains and TTbar deformations

Click here for the slides of our inaugural lecture "Ist die Welt ein Hologramm?" on June 7th 2024 (in German).

Brief Overview

Our research is concerned with quantum field theory as the framework underlying elementary particles. In particular we are interested in symmetry structures and relations to condensed matter and gravitational physics. One aim of our work is to learn from so-called integrable models which are often completely solvable.  A connection between four-dimensional quantum field theory and integrability is established by the holographic gauge-gravity correspondence, which describes the conjectured duality of string theory on a particular background geometry and a gauge quantum field theory on its boundary. Recently we have focussed on integrable structures in the context of scattering amplitudes and their building blocks (Feynman integrals). We are also interested in  quantum field theoretic approaches towards gravity and the recent applications of scattering amplitude methodology to the description of interacting black hole systems. See this overview for more details.

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Research Highlights

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Integrability & Feynman Integrals

Feynman graphs, the building blocks of quantum field theories, were shown to feature a so-called Yangian quantum group symmetry. Most recently we related certain families of these graphs to volumes of Calabi-Yau geometries.

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Hidden Symmetries in Gravity

We identified a curious conformal symmetry of scattering amplitudes in Einstein Gravity that was predicted by soft theorems in string theory. A similar symmetry was used to compute the 3-body potential general relativity.

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Spin Chains & TTbar Deformations

The AdS/CFT correspondence motivates a new class of long-range deformations of spin chains  typically studied in condensed matter physics. Our construction represents the spin chain precursor of the so-called TTbar-deformations.

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