University of Bonn thesis

This template can be used directly for PhD, master and bachelor theses in physics and astronomy. With small adjustments, it is also possible to write a habilitation thesis using this style. 

The template is intended for the typesetting program LaTeX and can be downloaded as a tar archive. It contains a README, thesis guide, style file and templates for various cover sheets. If you want to create a cover sheet without the rest, you need the corresponding file from the cover directory in addition to ubonn-thesis.sty. 


PI members (and only these) can have their master's or doctoral thesis printed as an official publication of the institute. There is no obligation to do so. The whole thing has nothing at all to do with the one copy of the doctoral thesis that is to be handed in to the institute library as part of the doctoral procedure.

To do this, the following "Laufzettel" must be filled out.


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