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Jacqueline Weigelt 
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Uni Bonn Thesis

This style can be directly used for PhD, Master and Bachelor theses. With small adjustments, it is also possible to use the style for a Habilitation thesis.

The templates is designed for the document preparation system LateX and can be downloaded as a tar archive. A README, Thesis Guide and a style file is included as well as templates for various cover pages. In order to create only a cover page, the ubonn-thesis.sty and the corresponding files from the cover directory are needed.






LaTeX Reference Sheet

atlaslatex.tar.gz (Contains all ATLAS and CMS publications)

A git repository is used for version control. You can access it via:




8.0: ubonn-thesis-8.0.tar.gz.

7.0: ubonn-thesis-7.0.tar.gz.

6.0: ubonn-thesis-6.0.tar.gz.

5.2: ubonn-thesis-5.2.tar.gz

5.0: ubonn-thesis-5.0.tar.gz

4.0: ubonn-thesis-4.0.tar.gz

3.0: ubonn-thesis-3.0.tar.gz 

2.1: | ubonn-thesis-2.1.tar.gz

2.0: | ubonn-thesis-2.0.tar.gz



PI members (and only them) can get their thesis printed as an official publication of the institute. It is no obligation, though. This service and submitting one copy of the Ph.D. thesis to the institute library (as the Dean's office requires it, otherwise they will not issue the Ph.D. certificate) must not be mixed up.

To do so, the "Docket" below needs to be filled (available in German only).

Docket for print jobs: or laufzettel.pdf


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