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Last modified: Mon Oct 16 19:27:27 PDT 2006
Philip Bechtle



All publications from INSPIRE (including all publications where I am coauthor of an OPAL, BaBar or ATLAS paper)

Habilitation Thesis:

Short Summary Article in the context of the Habilitaton:
The Search for Physics Beyond the Standard Model in Connection to Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

PhD Thesis work:

During my PhD Thesis at DESY I was working on the search for CP conserving and CP violating Higgs scenarios within the MSSM at the OPAL experiment at LEP and on SUSY parameter determination studies for the Linear Collider and the LHC in the context of the SPA project. The program Fittino has been developed to determine the SUSY parameter in a bias-free fit from the observables at LHC and LC.



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