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Institute Director
Prof. Dr. Michael Köhl
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Raum 5.019
Physikalisches Institut
Wegelerstrasse 8
53115 Bonn 
Tel.: +49-228-73 4899
Fax: +49-228-73 4038

Consultation-hours: Tue 9:30-10h, Thu 9:30-10h

Jacqueline Weigelt 
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Room 1.040
Nußallee 12
53115 Bonn
Phone: +49-228-73 2341
Fax: +49-228-73 7869

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Bonn Groups Working on ATLAS:


Research Topics:

  • Higgs Physics and Supersymmetry with b-Quarks/Tau-Leptons/Top-Quarks in the final state
  • Tau-Lepton physics and reconstruction
  • Top-Quark physics
  • B-Tagging
  • Particle Flow
  • Pixel Detector upgrade
  • Transition Radiation Tracker


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