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Research Groups

Experimental Physics Theoretical Physics

Priv.-Doz. P. Bechtle

 Experimental Particle Physics

Prof. M. Drees

Theoretical Particle and Astroparticle Physics

Prof. F. Bernlochner

Physics of B Mesons, Belle-I and Belle-II Experiments

Prof. H. Dreiner

"Model Building", Higgs and Supersymmetry Phenomenology

Prof. I. Brock

Particle Physics at High Energy Colliders (ATLAS und ZEUS)

 Priv.-Doz. S. Förste

String Theory

Prof. K. Desch

Particle Physics at High Energy Colliders (LHC und ILC)

 Prof. A. Klemm

 Mathematical Physics: String Theory, Algebraic Geometry


Prof. J. Dingfelder

ATLAS Experiment at LHC
Belle Experiment at KEK Semiconductor Pixel Detectors

Prof. C. Kollath

Theoretical quantum physics

Priv.-Doz. S. Goertz

Polarised Target

 Prof. H. Kroha

 Nanoscopic and strongly correlated elektron systems, photonics


ELSA Accelerator Group


 Prof. H. Monien

 Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Prof. M. Köhl

 Experimental Quantum Physics


 Prof. H.-P. Nilles

Theoretical High Energy Physics

Prof. S. Linden



 Prof. H. Schmieden

 Crystal Barrel and A1 Experiments


 Prof. S. Stellmer

Quantum metrology


 Prof. N. Wermes

 Proton Proton Scattering at LHC (ATLAS)

 Detektors and Microelektronics



AD Professors

Experimental Physics Theretical Physics

Priv.Doz. B. Diekmann

Physics of Energy Production

Prof. R. Flume

Prof. E. Hilger

ZEUS: ep collisions at DESY-HERA

Prof. G. von Gehlen

Prof. E. Paul

ZEUS: ep collisions at DESY-HERA

SAPHIR Experiment

Prof. W. Sandhas

Prof. B. Schoch

ELSA: Particle and Nuclear Physics at Medium Energies and Acceleratorphysics




Former Professors

Experimental Physics Theretical Physics

Prof. K. Buse

Heinrich-Hertz-Stiftungsprofessur der Deutschen Telekom AG


Prof. M. Kowalski

 Astroparticle physics




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