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4th quarter 2020 - Teilchenwelt Week

4th quarter 2020 - Teilchenwelt Week

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Netzwerk Teilchenwelt

Since 2010 Netzwerk Teilchenwelt offers high-school students throughout Germany a unique opportunity to get insights into current research in particle, astroparticle, nuclear and hadron physics. During masterclasses, i.e. one-day events at schools, research labs or universities, they are given an introduction to elementary particles and can perform own measurements with data from experiments. Visiting CERN and working on an own research project, students get first hand experience with the experimental and analysis methods of particle physics.

In the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Netzwerk Teilchenwelt many outreach events took place from the 2nd to the 8th of November. During the Teilchenwelt Week several member universities and research labs presented their research topics in events like masterclasses or public lectures. Besides virtual visits of the LHC experiments also remote tours of local research centers were offered. For example, KATRIN, MAMI and a PANDA research lab could be explored on a virtual tour for the general public. The list of all events can be found here. Some virtual events can also be watched on the YouTube Channel of Netzwerk Teilchenwelt.

As part of the celebrations the University of Bonn organized the live show „Science Snacks: Lectures and Experiments“. Young scientists from different experiments gave a brief glimpse into the research at the ELSA and LHC accelerators as well as at the experiments Belle II, IceCube, JUNO, MAGIC and into theoretical particle physics. The physics student Alexandra Wald filled the lectures with live demonstration experiments from the particle physics show. The show was presented by the science YouTuber Jacob Beautemps.


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