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You are here: Home News Picture of the Quarter 3rd quarter 2020 - BGOOD Experiment on the title page of EPJ A

3rd quarter 2020 - BGOOD Experiment on the title page of EPJ A

BGOOD is an experiment at the ELSA accelerator in Bonn to investigate special processes in the production of mesons using high-energy photon beams. The aim is for an improved understanding of quark interactions and ultimately the complicated structure of hadronic systems.

BGOOD stands for the two main components of the experiment: a central BGO (bismuth germanate) calorimeter, consisting of 480 individually readout crystals, and an open dipole spectrometer at forward directions.  The spectrometer is comprised of tracking detectors and a 100t dipole magnet to measure the momentum of charged particles.  This is complemented with time of flight detectors with sub-nanoseconds time resolution to provide accurate particle identification.

Under the leadership of the PI, the experiment was developed within an international collaboration, with significant contributions from Italy (INFN Frascati, the Universities of Rome Tor Vergata and La Sapienza, Pavia, Messina, Torino and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità) and Russia (Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute and the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow).  Hartmut Schmieden (PI) and Paolo Levi Sandri (INFN Frascati) are the spokespeople of the experiment.

The figure shows the BGOOD setup from the Technical Paper recently published by the European Physical Journal (EPJ A) and selected as the edition’s front cover.

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