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You are here: Home News Picture of the Quarter 2nd Quarter 2017 - New beam line for detector tests at ELSA

2nd Quarter 2017 - New beam line for detector tests at ELSA

Completion and first operation of the new beam line for detector tests at ELSA

Just before Christmas and after a few years of construction, a new external beam line has been put into operation. The ELSA electron beam, which reaches energies up to 3.5 GeV, is extracted into the former SYLI area and is used to characterise new particle detectors. A particular strength of this new beam line is, that the intensity of the electrons can be varied over a broad range from a few kHz up to GHz, which requires a very good control of the accelerator settings. In addition, the width of the electron beam can be varied in a flexible way.

From December 14th-16th 2016 there has been a first, very successful test period for new pixel detectors, in which four new detector prototypes with three different CMOS-technologies have been tested with (quasi) minimal-ionising particles. Parallel to that, a new beam telescope (an assembly of six layers of high-resolution MAPS-sensors which provides a precise definition of individual electron tracks) has been put into operation, which gave valuable feedback to the ELSA machine about the beam properties.

In the future, this new experimental facility shall also be used as part of the research performed at the new FTD ( Forschungs- und Technologiezentrum Detektorphysik).

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