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1st quarter 2021 – The Physics Advent Calendar

1st quarter 2021 – The Physics Advent Calendar

Steffi and Martin open a new Advent Calendar door.

This past December we premiered a very special outreach program on YouTube: The Physics Advent Calendar by the University of Bonn Physics Show, a series of 26 short films, one for each day in Advent.

At the start of the Christmas Season a very special Advent calendar turns Steffi and Martin's shared flat topsy-turvy. Everyday they open a new door of the calendar, which allows them to dive into the different areas of physics. On their adventures Steffi and Martin explore the various different physics laboratories of the University of Bonn. One time they find themselves as usual in the Wolfgang-Paul lecture hall, another time their journey leads them to the Argelander Institute for Astronomy, or down into the tunnel of the particle accelerator ELSA. Behind every advent calendar door a different elf with an individual charming personality awaits Steffi and Martin and presents and explains an experiment for them.

The whole production – including screenplay writing, directing and filming, acting, cutting and audio-editing of the videos – was done by the students under the lead of Herbi Dreiner and with the tremendous support of Michael Kortmann. In total 26 different 4-10 minute long videos were created, which can still be watched on the YouTube channel of the Physics Show. They include German, English and Spanish subtitles.

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