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Picture of the Quarter

1st Quarter 2018 - Correlated photon pairs
3rd Quartal 2016 - Local density of a 2D Fermi-Hubbard atomic gas in an optical lattice potential
3rd Quarter 2017 - BAF 2
4th Quartal 2016 - Inflationary quasiparticle creation and thermalization in oscillating Bose-Einstein condensates
2nd Quarter 2017 - New beam line for detector tests at ELSA
Completion and first operation of the new beam line for detector tests at ELSA
2nd Quarter 2016 - Physics Show for Refugees in Bonn
Physics show for refugees in Bonn - On 20 December 2015 physics students performed a physics show for refugees in Bonn here in the Physics Insitute. It was carried out in arabic and english interchanging the two languages. The show was a great success and the refugees liked it a lot.
2nd Quarter 2014 - DEPFET Matrix
The first large, thin, multi-chip DEPFET (DEpleted P-channel Field Effect Transistor) detector arrived in Bonn for further optimization and characterization. The sensor consists of roughly 92 thousand DEPFET pixels arranged in 192 columns and 480 rows with a pitch of 50 x 75 um, resulting in a total sensitive area of 36.0 x 9.6 mm.
3rd Quarter 2014 - InGrid Detector
The CAST experiment at CERN searches for axions and chameleons, hypothetical particles which are related to dark matter and dark energy. The experiment is now equipped with a new detector (InGrid detector, a gas-filled pixel detector) for soft X-rays which was built by the Physikalisches Institut
4th Quarter 2012: The research building is coming!
4th Quarter 2014 - ATLAS Pixel Detector
This is the innermost layer of the ATLAS pixel detector being installed in May 2014. It is only 3.5 cm away from the interaction point and needs to withstand extreme rates and irradiation doses.
1st Quarter 2014 - Two ERC prize winners
This year the Physics Institute of the University of Bonn succeeded in winning two ERC (European Research Council) projects. In one of the supported projects Markus Cristinziani will investigate the interaction between top quarks and neutral bosons in the search for new physics while Michael Köhl explores new creation mechanisms of superfluidity and superconductivity. Each projected is funded with 2 million Euro.
4th Quarter 2013 - Wolfgang Paul Symposium
Wolfgang Paul was born on August 10, 1913 in Lorenzkirch, Saxony. On the occasion of his 100th birthday this year, a three day symposium will be held in his memory on November 11 – 13, 2013.
2nd Quarter 2015 - Plasmonic Waves
Coupled arrays of plasmonic waveguides can be used as a model system to study random media. The transport properties of the plasmon waves are changed by disorder.
1st Quarter 2013 - Four Electron Neutrino Candidates
2nd Quarter 2013 - Emergent randomness from strong electronic interactions
In a number of complex materials strong electron interactions induce a metal-to-insulator transition, the so-called Mott-Hubbard transition. Near this 1st-order transition, insulating nanodomains coexist with metallic regions, just like ice cubes can exist in a glass of water.
1st quarter 2017 - groundbreaking research building
Groundbreaking research and technology centre detector physics
2nd Quarter 2018 - Planck conference
4th Quarter 2018 - Interference of Surface-Plasmon-Polariton
2nd quarter 2019 - Wolfgang Paul lecture
3rd quarter 2019 - First collisions in the full Belle II detector
4th quarter 2019 - The Highlights of Physics in Bonn
The 19th editon of "Highlights of Physics" took place from the 16th to 21st September in Bonn. The science festival was supported by the University of Bonn and numerous other institutions. The scientific organisation was in the hands of Prof. Dr. Klaus Desch and Dr. Ulrich Blum from the Physical Institute of the University of Bonn. (c) Universität Bonn / LENTFER FILMPRODUKTION Kamera & Postproduktion: Ole Lentfer Musik: Dominik Heer - The Secret Of Success, Lizenz von soundtaxi GmbH
1st quarter 2020 - Particle-hole exchange symmetry in ultracold fermi-gasses
2nd quarter 2020 – First remote masterclass of “Netzwerk Teilchenwelt”
3rd quarter 2020 - BGOOD Experiment on the title page of EPJ A
4th quarter 2020 - Teilchenwelt Week
1st quarter 2021 – The Physics Advent Calendar
3rd quarter 2021 - Fulbright-Cottrell Award 2021 goes to Simon Stellmer
4th quarter 2021 - Ceremonial opening for University of Bonn’s Research and Technology Center for Detector Physics
2nd quarter 2022- 200 years Rudolph Clausius
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