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Prof. Dr. Jochen Dingfelder
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Physikalisches Institut
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consultation hour: monday 14:00 - 15:30 h


Jacqueline Weigelt
Room 1.040
Nußallee 12
53115 Bonn
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ATLAS FSP103 Newsflash June 2016

Reconstruction of individual tau decay products in hadronic tau decays: A gate to the CP-asymmetry measurement

Link to the PDF version

Picture of the Quarter

1 Quartal 2017 - Foundation stone ceremony at FTD
Foundation stone ceremony for the new Research and Technology Center for Detectorphysics (FTD)
4. Quartal 2016 - Inflationary quasiparticle creation and thermalization in oscillating Bose-Einstein condensates
3. Quartal 2016 - Local density of a 2D Fermi-Hubbard atomic gas in an optical lattice potential
2nd Quarter 2016 - Physics Show for Refugees in Bonn
Physics show for refugees in Bonn - On 20 December 2015 physics students performed a physics show for refugees in Bonn here in the Physics Insitute. It was carried out in arabic and english interchanging the two languages. The show was a great success and the refugees liked it a lot.

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