Head of the group
Dr. Guglielmo Paul Lockhart
Gruppe Lockhart, Leitung
+49 228 73 60513
PhD students
Daniele Ceppi
Gruppe Lockhart, Doktorand*in
+49 228 73 3722

  Masters students 

         Peter Moody

  Bachelor students

          Antonia Wechselberger

Nadine Hassani
Sekretariat Theorie/BCTP
+49 228 73 3770
Lora Schindler
Sekretariat Theorie/BCTP
+49 228 73 3247
Patricia Zündorf
Sekretariat Theorie/BCTP
+49 228 73 9540

Open positions

 There are opportunities for Ph.D. students with a background in theoretical high energy physics or mathematics to join the group. If you are interested in this possibility, please get in touch with Guglielmo Lockhart with your CV and a short description of your academic background.

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