21. September 2023

Meeting of the German institutes in the ATLAS-Collaboration in Bonn Meeting of the German institutes in the ATLAS-Collaboration in Bonn

The Physikalisches Institut is the host of this year's meeting of the German institutes in the ATLAS-Collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider. From 19th to 22nd of September 2023, the focus of the physicists are the operations and data taking of the ATLAS experiment, the analysis of the data, and the coming upgrades of the detector for future data taking periods.

The Wolfgang Paul Lecture Hall
The Wolfgang Paul Lecture Hall - during a presentation at the meeting of the German institutes in the ATLAS-collaboration. © Philip Bechtle
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The ATLAS experiment is one of the big particle physics experiments at the Large Hadron Collider LHC, located at the European particle physics laboratory CERN in Geneva. The experiment has been built and is operated bey almost 3000 physicists from all over the world. There are 18 German institutes in the experiment, constituting about 12% of all physicists in the collaboration. They are supported by third party funding from the federal ministry of education of research of Germany. An emphasis of these meetings is placed on the contributions by young scientists. One of the prime examples for such a contribution is the new and significantly improved measurement of the W boson mass, one of the core elements of the Standard model of particle physics, which has been mainly improved by young scientists from Bonn and Mainz. Another focus of the meeting is the coming upgrade of the complete inner part of the ATLAS detector, which will be completely replaced by new technology in 2 years. A large part of the future inner detector will be built in the Forschung- und Technologiezentrum Detektorphysik FTD of the University of Bonn, which will be integrated in the ATLAS experiment at CERN in about two years.

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